Committed to understand clients' needs

Public opinion polls

DOTS has implemented numerous public opinion polls, with a sample exceeding 2500 respondents. Polls conducted by DOTS cover a myriad of topics, including social issues, media consumption, social issues, well-being, employment, youth, community involvement, and alike. DOTS has a broad network of carefully recruited fieldworkers, who pass rigorous training programs and are closely supervised throughout the data collection period.

Monitoring and evaluation

DOTS has implemented monitoring programs in the field of education and community resettlement. Training programs monitored included teacher training for math, science and summative assessment. More than 1900 teachers have undergone training monitored by DOTS.

Qualitative research studies

Conducting focus group discussions and in-depth interviews remain one of the key specialties of DOTS. Only recently DOTS has completed a large-scale qualitative research project, by organizing and analyzing data obtained from fifty focus group discussions, in excess of 500 participants, to examine social constructs and maintaining factors of gender-based violence and physical punishment of children.

Data management and analysis

DOTS has in-house capacities to collect and manage large data pools. Its staff is trained to conduct requirements engineering, data analysis, and design management information systems

Impact assessment studies

Impact assessment include projects that account for changes instigated by a planned intervention. DOTS is experienced to design research projects aiming to collect baseline data, against which the intervention will be compared to. DOTS has successfully implemented socio-economic impact assessment projects, leadership and management training impact assessment projects, as well as identifying and addressing specific communication needs.

Needs assessment studies

DOTS staff have been engaged in projects aiming to identify community needs and institution needs. Projects related to institution needs involved identifying inventory of needs of Kosovo’s municipalities to improve land administration services to citizens and commercial interests. On different projects, the existing capacities and institution needs for the provision of free legal aid were examined.

Market research and consumer behaviour studies

A crucial challenge for most businesses is understanding the decision making process of customers. What makes some people choose one product or service over the other? What needs are customers trying to fulfill, what problems are they trying to solve, or goals they are trying to achieve?

Using different research methods, we help businesses gain insight into shopper habits.

Community engagement

One of the areas that is often poorly addressed in a wide range of projects is community engagement. Companies and reformers that understand the value of cultivating relationships with affected communities maximize business benefits through development of sustainable partnerships and mitigation of risks.
As a local trusted partner for leading international companies, DOTS staff have implemented complex projects that require close collaboration with affected communities.

We learn from communities and serve as liaison between them and project sponsors.

We believe that understanding the context is crucial factor that determines project's success. That is why we dedicate our time and effort into contextualizing the project by using the language and terminology that the community understands, personalizing relations with the community, providing project sponsors valuable information about the community, and guiding decision-making based on the context.