Social, Market and Media Research Agency

We are DOTS

DOTS is a Kosovo-based company that provides distinctive insights to clients by conducting credible research services. The founders of DOTS have been involved in social, market, and media research projects for more than 15 years. We are passionate researchers, lifelong learners, who dare to ask and find answers for various complex questions. Our goal is to transform raw data into meaningful information that will help our clients make the right decisions.

Maintaining richer engagement and close collaboration with clients has created many partnerships that go beyond project life-cycle. DOTS has raised the bar by delivering valuable reports that situate the topic that is being studied in a broader landscape. Focusing on context and how it influences the outcomes of a project is essential as this is how our studies become useful. We make social impact by helping both our clients and ourselves understand important social, economic, and other trends that contribute to the development of our society.

Our network of carefully selected experts in the area of social research, socio-economic assessments, education, legislation, policy making, and beyond, enables us to approach every situation and problem with utmost curiosity and passion.